Read what some of our happy customers have to say:

I had been looking for a good, reliable supplier of balsam for my little cottage industry and found Balsam Sue, much to my delight. She's not just good - she provides a real quality product. Reliable? She has been known to just check in and make sure I'm not in danger of running out of balsam. She handles my orders cheerfully and with great haste and because I can rely on her, I can confidently grow my business.

Lorna in NH

You are absolutely the most delightful company I have ever ordered anything from! I ordered a weather stick. It arrived in 2 days and had a sprig of fresh balsam in with it, and colored tissue paper...everything was just so, so nice. It's rare to have such a nice mail order experience so I wanted to thank you. I love balsam!

Erica in Maryland

I placed the window fan in front of my bed with a sachet dangling in front of the fan. I'm in heaven!!!!!! My bedroom smells wonderful. You have a customer for life. Thank you so much I had a bunch of anklet panty hose which I filled and put them in my chest of drawers because I didn't have the little sachet bags on hand. Works like a charm!!!! I can't get enough of that heavenly aroma

Catherine M

The minute my order of Vermont Balsam arrives at my door, I am immediate transformed to the pristine woods of Vermont and every other north woods location I have ever been to from coast to coast. It is a simple reminder of the glorious nature of all pines and especially wonderful for the upcoming holiday season.

Lynette Jensen - Thimbleberries

I use Balsam Sue’s Balsam by the pound to create fragrant “Christmas Tree in My Pocket” mini-sachets to send to soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. That way they can carry a little bit of “home for the holidays” with them, wherever they are.

Lisa Bradshaw New Market, MD

I am so very happy that I found Sue's Wonderful Balsam! I have created many items with the balsam, stuffing small ornaments, bureau sachets, and even putting a bit into primitive dolls, to add a special holiday scent! Sue has always been super about sending me packages in a timely fashion! She also has fantastic communication skills! I highly recommend!"

Sincerely, Debi Rice

Your balsam is fantastic as always, I've bought others in the past and there is no comparison to yours.

Brenda at Foxlandfarm, Delanson, NY

After my son brought me one of Balsamsue's homemade hot mats from Vermont , I knew my friends here in Florida , would love them for Christmas presents. Balsamsue was very helpful, working with me by emailing me fabric choices and even sewed them up in a hurry for me. I keep mine by my bed and pick it up often to smell the fragrance.

Carla in Florida

Your balsam had wonderful, lasting aroma and was easy to use. I make pillows, as well as hot pads for under casseroles or tea pots and they were a real big hit for gifts. Thanks for a great product as well as being easy to deal with.

Sue M. Washington, Maine

Love your balsam, the fragrance lasts and lasts.

Joanna V, NH, Eastwood Designs

Great Product! Great Service! I made 6 Snowmen Doorknob Hangers (insert link? Up to you)and stuffed them with the balsam. It is so clean and easy to use and Oh, so fragrant! These hangers were such a big hit with everyone and it was the balsam that took them over the top. Marge R. - NH

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful Balsam and your wonderful service. Though I have been making felt stuffed Christmas ornaments for many years - they all pale in comparison with the ones I have made this year. Filling my creations with your balsam makes them all so much more fun. People love to hold them, look at them, and smell them. Their scent is such an unexpected surprise. As soon as my friends smell them - they are asking to take one along with them. I feel so good about giving these gifts out - like I am bringing some snow covered winter wonderland adventure to everyone with these small bits of goodness. Some people give out Christmas cookies - I'll stick with your Balsam filled Christmas ornaments. And I know my friends will be glad I did. Esther Coar