Fragrant Dried Balsam

I remember my first attempt to chop up some balsam at our camp which is surrounded by balsam trees. My husband gave me an old board and a machete and set me loose at the picnic table. We have been producing our fragrant dried balsam for several years now, but it is still a very hands on, lengthy process before we get the final dried balsam. Over time, we've perfected the process, so we now offer a consistent, quality product. Our balsam comes from trees left over from logging operations and we also prune and thin balsam stands for individuals which promotes healthier and more productive small forest areas. Balsam is plentiful in Vermont and evocative of our state.

The finished product is sold by the pound to individuals, who use it in various ways. Loose balsam is very popular with quilters and craftspeople. Some people use the loose balsam as potpourri in their home, office, RV, or vehicle as balsam is known as the natural aromatherapy. Loose balsam is also available in 10 ounce bags in gift and quilt shops throughout New England. Our customers tell us that our balsam is wonderful to work with as we take extra care to finely screen it.

As Balsam Sue, I create sachets, draft stoppers, hot mats and computer wrist pillows which contain balsam. I also enjoy doing handmade custom orders such as wedding and party favors or specific requests for gift giving. Conversing with customers by email is part of the fun.

Balsam is definitely not just for Christmas anymore. When someone picks up a bag of balsam they are reminded of Christmas and holiday time, but the fragrance can be enjoyed year round as balsam scent is long lasting. Known as the Warm Friendship Herb, balsam is perfect to give as a gift any time of year. We live in one of the most charming villages in Vermont, Hyde Park, which is the shire town of Lamoille county.

To sum us up: We're into balsam!